Cyber security matters because it’s coming after you, companies and even entire national governments. Don’t believe me? Take a look at 2017, the year cyber-crime ‘crossed the rubicon’. Phishing attacks evolved, spam email surged, and public trust in cyber security was at an all-time low.

One of the most notorious security breaches of 2017 was the ransomware titled ‘Wanna Cry’. This crypto-worm targeted Microsoft operating systems worldwide. It managed to severely infect the Spanish mobile operator Telefonica, the NHS in the UK, as well as the delivery giant FedEx.

Public trust took a serious hit when Equifax, one the ‘big three’ credit agencies in the US, suffered a breach of 100s of millions of customer’s social security numbers and driver’s licences.

Furthermore, take a look at the volume of rumors and level of speculation surrounding foreign governments meddling in prominent elections and referendums. This threat is not going away.

Cyber security poses one of the greatest threats of the modern digital age.

What are your thoughts on cyber security? Is it one of the biggest threats we face in our digital futures? Or is it over-hyped in the media?


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