Multitasking is hard – I get it! My current profession as a global MC and entrepreneur forces me to multitask daily. I want to share 3 tips that enable me to multitask like a boss!

1)     Focus on the energy for the task

Different tasks require different energy. For example, when I’m backstage meeting with speakers, I try to be reassuring and friendly. Speakers can be nervous ahead of their keynotes and panels; my role as an MC backstage is to be a calm presence to guide them through their talk. On stage however, I assume more of a commanding presence to control the tempo and crowd effectively. My body language, tone of voice and energy completely transforms. In meetings with the organizers and production teams, I become detail focused in order to translate our vision onto the stage. One way to multi-task effectively is to master switching energies based on what needs to get done.

2)     Set Clear Goals

Everybody knows that goal setting is imperative to getting things done. And when it comes to multi-tasking, you have to get multiple goals done within the same 24 hours. My easy trick here is to set clear and defined time goals in which to accomplish certain tasks. For example, in one of my 30 minutes break off stage, I aim to tackle my entire inbox of emails. The pre-designated time frame of 30 minutes forces me to focus on speed and block ALL distractions – people, notifications etc. Also as a master-procrastinator, I avoid getting into the social media loop by only dealing with notifications in a time-bound activity like going up an elevator, catching a flight or riding a taxi.

3)      Pace Yourself

Everybody has to run the race at their own pace! Multitasking will drain you so you got to allow yourself to pause – interact with others, engage in your favourite activities like sports/music and take time out for yourself. You have to find a rhythm that suits you. It is impossible to be at your ‘A game’ all the time so be intentional about refuelling yourself.


I hope these 3 tips help in the ever-constant battle with multitasking. If you have any tips of your own, please drop them in the comments below. We’re all here to learn.

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