Why The Rock should be your role model


The Rock’s Story

I wrote this piece looking for inspiration and I definitely found it! Below I have noted why the Rock should be your role model:

“1995 and I had $7 in my pocket. I knew 2 things, I’m broke as hell and one day I won’t be.” 2018 and I know 2 things, The Rock is worth $220,000,000 and I am not.

So how did Dwayne Johnson go from broke to the most electrifying man in sports entertainment to the highest paid actor in Hollywood? Easy. He had big dreams and he worked damn hard to make them a reality.

After his dream of making it big in the NFL came to an end due to injury, Johnson had to crate a new path in life. He traded his dreams of Superbowl Sundays for that of Hollywood premiers and red carpets.

The Rock had a tough decision to make, be like everyone else and just be satisfied with a mundane lifestyle or turn those dreams into a reality. He chose the option number 2 and hasn’t looked back since.

That may seem like an easy decision but to gain the life The Rock lives today took what seems like an inhuman amount of work for most. Johnson, being the energetic and enthusiastic man that he is talked himself into getting a shot in The WWE and made his debut in 1997. It wasn’t Hollywood, but it was a start and it gave him a platform to show what he was made of.

To make sure he didn’t let this opportunity go to waste The Rock made a commitment, for the rest of his life, he was going to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning every day after his refreshing 3 hour sleep from the night before. Why? To maximise productivity!

The Rock’s Daily Routine

He is in the gym by 4:30 for a 45 minute cardio session. After returning home to eat breakfast (eggs, chicken and porridge of course!) he’s back in the gym for 6:00 for another workout.

From 9AM work with WWE began and didn’t end some nights until around 11PM. When he made his transition to movies, getting his first big break in the movie “The Scorpion King” the routine stayed the same. Up by 4, workout, go to work, sleep, repeat. Within this tight schedule The Rock also makes time to cook himself 8 meals a day to fuel himself.

The man is so regimental about his routine that now he has a crew that carries his own personal gym from country to country, so he never misses a workout while filming.

23 years on and 8,395 4AM starts later The Rock has achieved his dream by sheer hard work and determination. He told himself it would happen, and he made it happen. Although everyone doesn’t dream of being a movie star like he did, he exemplifies the belief that anyone can be whatever they want to be if they put their mind to it.

Takehome Message: Why The Rock Should Be Your Role Model

In the words of The Rock “Be humble, be hungry and always be the hardest worker in the room”. The reasons above are why the Rock should be your role model!
P.S. If you want to try live like The Rock you can download his app “The Rock Clock” where you can be woken up before the crack of dawn by the beautiful sounds of the man himself signing you a song.


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