The Art Of Coaching



This segement entitled the art of coaching outlines my experience of what coaching is and is not. I really think it will offer some insight and knowledge for you to replicate in everyday life

In a world obsessed with self, I actually find great value in being second. Most of the social content I share is me on stage because it’s far more photogenic than what I do when I’m not on stage…coaching. Whether friend or client, those in my circles are familiar with my ability to make people simultaneously comfortable and uncomfortable. Comfortable enough to build trust, uncomfortable enough to allow growth. Bottom line: I ask tough questions because I really believe in constant self-discovery and growth.

Discovery is at the core of one of my priorities when I not on stage – coaching. It’s an opportunity for me to guide people in building their startups, improve their speaking skills, discover their purpose and advice companies on innovation. That said, I realize it’s not all that familiar with everyone and is often confused with consulting, counseling, mentoring or training.

What Is Coaching?

The goal of coaching is for you to gain clarity in your thinking, discover new things, and take action to reshape your life around that learning. To me, coaching is a couple of things;

  • It’s an ongoing conversation focused on empowering the client.
  • Coaching is about you… your dreams, goals, learning and development.
  • Coaching is about learning. You are the expert on your life. I use techniques such as active listening, open questions, encouragement, challenge, and support to help you discover insights and take next steps toward your goals.
  • Coaching is about action.

What Is Not Coaching?

  • Coaching is not therapy, it is future and action-oriented.
  • Coaching is not training. In coaching, you set the agenda, change comes from you and you only.
  • Coaching is not imitation. I have no desire in turning you into me or any role model in your life.

So, How Does Coaching Work?

To understand the art of coaching you must understand how it works.

I ask questions. Tough ones! And then I listen not just to what you say but why and how you say it. We then take these observations and turn them into insights that correlate with specific, achievable action. I hold you accountable to accomplishing these goals and together we celebrate as you take positive steps forward.

Daniel Ramamoorthy Taking Part in a coaching session

The diversity of the people I coach has lead to the creation of Igniter Pad, a community all aiming to live their best lives and support others along the way. While they benefit individually from my coaching, I believe there is even more power in the collective.

If you want to be a part of this amazing community, comment below or click here to be directed to our contact form where you can get in touch with our team today for assistance with coaching, advice or simply a chat!

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